The ARC all began in 1986. After spending many years cruising around the world, Jimmy Cornell decided to use his knowledge and experience to organise a cruising rally across the Atlantic. This new annual event has since provided the opportunity for many sailors to accomplish their dreams of an Atlantic challenge and blue water cruising.

The rally, to this day, starts in Las Palmas, Grand Canaria in late November and finishes in Rodney Bay, St.Lucia. The event holds many seminars and displays offering advice on many cruising subjects so helping participants to prepare as best as possible. Those taking part in the ARC also benefit from the confidence of making the Atlantic crossing in company, which has been very useful over the years when situations have arisen. The ARC includes the RORC racing division for the more serious competitors which continues to attract high performance boats including Whitbread Maxis, BT Challenge boats, and Volvo 60's and 70's.

Over recent years the event has grown to over 250 entries. To accommodate the increasing numbers there is now another start from Cape Verde called ARC+, which also arrives in Rodney Bay. The ARC brings a lot of marine business and tourism to St. Lucia in all ways possible. With the huge variation in performance of the boats there can often be around three weeks time difference from the first to last boat arriving throughout the day and night. The parties go on and on!

St.Lucia delivers many sailors their first introduction to the adventure of the Caribbean cruising life. However, for those who arrive on the shores of this diverse and stunningly beautiful island often find it hard to stay away !!

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